Behind Syngas Technology and System

The Syngas Plastic-to-Fuel Conversion System is an innovative, proprietary process to convert waste plastics into renewable energy namely, ultra low sulphur diesel fuel. The Syngas Plastic-to-Fuel Conversion System uses a process called fractional de-polymerization process to efficiently convert waste plastics to ultra low sulphur diesel fuel.

The system provides an integrated plastic waste processing system which offers an alternative to landfill disposal, incineration, and recycling—while also being a viable, economical, and environmentally-responsible waste management solution. The Syngas Plastic-to-Fuel Conversion Plant offers a viable, economical and environmentally responsible alternative to current methods of recycling and disposal of plastic waste. The Syngas Plant is modular in design. A single module can produce up to 80% of fuel oil for every ton of typical plastic waste processed. Plant capacity can range from 5 tons to more than 100 tons of plastic wastes processed daily. Overall plant capacity can be easily scaled up by adding additional modules. The output fuel oil is high grade Low Sulfur High Cetane Green Technology Diesel Oil. 

Syngas Conversion System